Alicia’s Story: Part 3 – Wobbling On A Family Tree Branch


Now, by this time in the story, I’m really hanging out on a limb. Am I just another one of those researchers who gets obsessed by a theory to the exclusion of all else? Determined to make the facts fit? Wishful thinker? After all, what I’m proposing is pretty outrageous and on the flimsiest of details. Well, I’m hanging onto that tree branch, a bit wobbly, and I’m just about to take another step further…

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Alicia’s Story: Part 2 – A Wild Theory Is Born


When we left off our story in Part 1, our valiant family researcher (i.e. me) was diligently looking for, and failing to find, Alicia Eleanora ELLIOTT. That is, until their attention was caught by a certain mysterious baptism entry in the parish records. And so we return to our story…

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Alicia’s Story: Part 1 – The Mysterious Alicia


How many brick walls do you have in your family history research? This one is from my husband’s family. His family is complicated. Interesting, frustrating, fascinating…but complicated.

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What’s In A Name?


I’ve been missing from blog land for some time while I was on a genealogical wild goose chase. I had a crazy theory by the tail and had to chase it as far as I could. I finally ran out of puff with only a wild idea and a whole pile of circumstantial evidence to show for my efforts.

And one tiny important crack in my brick wall…

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Merry Month of May Meme: Movie Memories


Pauleen Cass has set a fun challenge and invited us to share some of our childhood memories. All you need to do is copy her list of questions and let the memories flow.

So, without further ado, it’s time to grab the popcorn, put up your feet and settle in for some movie-going memories…

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Location, Location, Location!

A craze is sweeping genie-blogland. We’re all having some fun mapping out our trees by location rather than name. And it has been very interesting seeing the results. I decided to join in the fun…

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A Letter Puzzle Solved: Scholefield, Gall and Greenway

Another day, another letter, another mystery. “Dear Aunt Tydfil” this one starts and is signed by “Nancy Greenway”. Who? And so the hunt begins…

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Trove Tuesday: A 100 year old mystery

Uncle Sam's Letter Bag


In 1916, my grandfather, George Wynn SCHOLEFIELD, was 12 years old. Wynn, as he was known to his family and friends, liked to read the stories and pit his wits against the puzzles printed in the Children’s Corner of the newspaper. One day he wrote a letter to “Uncle Sam”, the author of his favourite column, and, in doing so, he revealed a little family story and a big mystery to tease his granddaughter with 100 years later.1

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Those Mystery Photos at the Bottom of the Box…

Hicks Family - 1933

Like most families, I have lots of “no-name” photos of complete strangers amongst my family photos. And they always seem to be at picnics. Have you noticed that? Or maybe it is just my own family aberration. Anyway, why should you care? Well…

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Dear Hellie…A Postcard Mystery

Dear Hellie - Front

I have been rummaging through a wonderful treasure trove of family photos and documents that I recently collected from my mother. Quite a few of these provided some fun mysteries to pursue. I thought I would share a couple of my finds…

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