#Congress_2018: The Lighter Side

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#Congress_2018 – Bridging Past and Future

Wow! What a ride Congress 2018 has been. Meeting so many lovely genies, learning so many new things. I barely had time to draw breath during Congress 2018 and now that I’m home, I’m still processing all the things I experienced.

I would like to share a little of these Congress experiences as well as some of the highlights from the talks which stuck with me the most.

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F/O Alvan Rodney Wecker (1919-1943)

F/O Alvan Rodney Wecker (1919-1943)


Every family has that someone special. The one who is held close to the family heart. The one whom stories are told about to generations of children. The one who was lost. The one who is always remembered.

That place in my family is held by my great uncle, Alvan Rodney WECKER.

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Memories of Then

Sugar Cane Crop with Mountain in Background at Cairns, Qld. Photographer: Gregory Heath on 1 Jan 2002. www.scienceimage.csiro.au/image/3729

Out of all the Aussie songs I know, this is the one that most evokes “home” for me.

My earliest years were spent growing up in North Queensland. I still have dreams of sugar cane fields standing tall, the sugar cane trains rattling amongst the fields and highset Queenslander homes with their wraparound verandahs.

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Blog Caroling: Carol of the Bells

In case you haven’t noticed, “Tis the season to be jolly” and footnoteMaven has sent out the call for everyone to blog about their favourite Christmas Carol.

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Friday Funny: Baby Driver

Baby Driver - Fiat - 1920s

I wonder where this cute and chubby balloon baby is going? Look at that determined look on her face. She has her hand firmly on the suitcase so must have a destination in mind. And she’s also looking pretty possessive and proud of the car. Is it hers? Does she have her licence yet?

Once again, another mystery photo from my orphan photo collection.

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Family Photos: Sydney Harbour Bridge Construction

Modified photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge - familyfractals.wordpress.com

Aunt Camie and Uncle Bob’s photos are the gifts that keep on giving. I found a series of photographs showing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in various stages of completion. These are not unique photos by any means. There are plenty of photos around of the Coathanger being built. After all, it took about 10 years from the sod-breaking ceremony in 1923 to De Groot’s famous ribbon-slashing upstage of the opening ceremony in 1932. And the Bridge was being built right in the middle of the city – a bit hard to miss, really.

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Friday Funny: Abandon All Hope!

Abandon All Hope Sign - Family Fractals

How many times have you looked through your family photo collection and despaired? How many unlabelled photos have you let drip through your fingers in anguish? How many unnamed people, places, dogs, houses, pot plants, whatever have you seen?

How many times have you raised clenched fists in the air and wailed to your ancestors: “Why didn’t you just label your damn photos! Just because you know them doesn’t mean anyone else will! Curse you!!”

Well, it turns out it may not have been all their fault.

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The Mystery Chimney Ruin of Michelago

Michelago Chimney - Monaro Highway

About 40 minutes to the south of Canberra, you will discover a small ruin – just a chimney – sitting forlornly beside the Monaro highway. I’ve passed this remnant of forgotten history so many times. I’ve watched it flash by my window and thought fleetingly of who might have lived there and why it was now a ruin.  I’ve often wanted to just stop and pause for a time. But we are always in such a rush in these modern times, aren’t we? Well, on my last trip, I finally did stop.

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Friday Funny: Cabbage Patch Kid

Super size cabbage and child in cabbage patch

Another family photo – another mutant cabbage.

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