The Mystery Chimney Ruin of Michelago

Michelago Chimney - Monaro Highway

About 40 minutes to the south of Canberra, you will discover a small ruin – just a chimney – sitting forlornly beside the Monaro highway. I’ve passed this remnant of forgotten history so many times. I’ve watched it flash by my window and thought fleetingly of who might have lived there and why it was now a ruin.  I’ve often wanted to just stop and pause for a time. But we are always in such a rush in these modern times, aren’t we? Well, on my last trip, I finally did stop.

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Friday Funny: Cabbage Patch Kid

Super size cabbage and child in cabbage patch

Another family photo – another mutant cabbage.

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Come for a ride in a Charabanc!

Charabanc - Australia - 1920s

When I first came across this particular photo amongst our family photograph collection, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never in my life seen such a strange looking vehicle! It took a lot of rummaging around on the internet with some creative search parameters to finally identify this vehicle as a “charabanc”.

“A what?!” I hear you ask. Glad you did.

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Friday Funny: Wooden Pole – 1, Vintage Car – 0

Buick Tourer 1920s Accident Postcard


Whilst idly reading through GeneabloggersTRIBE’s really quite extensive daily prompt list I found Friday Funny1 which I thought would be a fun way to share all those weird and wonderful orphan photos, funny family stories or interesting articles I come across. I won’t be posting every week – a strict timetable is not much fun, after all – so keep an eye out!

Without further ado, here is the inaugural Family Fractals Friday Funny post!*

* With bonus alliteration!

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Grandpa, Qantas and the Fancy Dress Costume

Qantas Plane Longreach 1920s
Another family story – another myth? But this time I have the photographs! Gather around and listen to my story – a story passed from my grandfather to my mother to me.

Once upon a time…

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Hello, World – Pleased to meet you

New Blue Marble - Earth - NASA

A couple of blog posts in GenieLand recently got me thinking about updating my blog. The first was Jill Ball’s (alias GeniAus) post “Trove Tuesday – Anonymous?” in April. And then, in a very timely post this week, there was Kate Vasicek Challis’ post on GeneabloggersTRIBE called “About Me Pages are Important for GeneaBloggers!

They caught my attention like a smack up the back of the head.

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#Congress_2018 – See you in Sydney!


The Society of Australian Genealogists (SOG) are taking a turn to host the 15th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry from 9 March to 12 March 2018 in Sydney at the new International Conference Centre at Darling Harbour. Who’s coming?

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Review: Cluster – Photo Sharing Site

Cluster Logo

My mother and my aunt recently passed a large number of old family photographs and artefacts to me, which have me rather overwhelmed. My mother’s photos will be the subject of a rather large project which will to take time and work to sort out. My aunt’s collection, however, was much smaller, but she gave me the photos and artefacts (some letters and cards) on the proviso I found a way to scan and share them so she could get copies.

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Trove Tuesday: A Pretty Wedding

Wedding Photo of Camie SCHOLEFIELD and Robert BARR - 1926

On 10 February 1926, my great aunt Charlotte Annie Margaret SCHOLEFIELD married Robert BARR in Longreach, Queensland. I have many of their photographs including the lovely wedding photograph that appears above but it is the information I gathered from articles I found in Trove that add precious details.

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#CemeteryDay – Toowong Cemetery

Spooky Toowong Cemetery


Blogger Alona Tester of Lonetester HQ has proposed that the 18th June be henceforth known as “Cemetery Day” and is encouraging every genealogically-minded person to become involved – whether sharing photos, writing stories or just visiting the local cemetery. I have some photos I never used on my posts about my trip to Toowong Cemetery so I thought I’d share them today.

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