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Friday Funny: Abandon All Hope!

How many times have you looked through your family photo collection and despaired? How many unlabelled photos have you let drip through your fingers in anguish? How many unnamed people, places, dogs, houses, pot plants, whatever have you seen? How … Continue reading

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Review: Cluster – Photo Sharing Site

My mother and my aunt recently passed a large number of old family photographs and artefacts to me, which have me rather overwhelmed. My mother’s photos will be the subject of a rather large project which will to take time and work to … Continue reading

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“Where Have You Been, Stranger?”

Has it really been more than 8 months since I last posted? Where have I been? Well, I certainly didn’t run away to join the circus to become a Lady Elephant Trainer. (Who knew that was a ‘Thing’?) Basically, that … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles…A Single Step…

Some of you may remember my first post about the Genealogy Do-Over. Well, Do-Over Cycle 3 has just started. So what happened to Do-Over Cycle 1? Or even 2? Well, basically lots of confusion, head-scratching and, surprisingly, fear. But I’m finally … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers – Genealogy Do-Over Week 2

Week 1 of the Genealogy Do-Over was about putting your research aside, taking a step back and reflecting about past habits. I feel I rushed through that week a little too fast, so I began thinking more closely about this topic … Continue reading

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Do-Over? But I just started!

Welcome to my first post! I started my family research about 20 years ago, BC. That is, Before Computers. I did my time in state archives working the microfiche and microfilm machines, handling original immigration record books (!), writing letters … Continue reading

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