Trove Tuesday: A Pretty Wedding

Wedding Photo of Camie SCHOLEFIELD and Robert BARR - 1926

On 10 February 1926, my great aunt Charlotte Annie Margaret SCHOLEFIELD married Robert BARR in Longreach, Queensland. I have many of their photographs including the lovely wedding photograph that appears above but it is the information I gathered from articles I found in Trove that add precious details.

First of all, don’t they make a dashing pair? I always thought Uncle Bob was very handsome and distinguished in this photo. He reminds me a little of Christopher Plummer in The Sound Of Music. And I love Charlotte’s shoes! (Hint: If you click on the photo it will open in a separate window and the details will be larger and clearer.)

The funny thing is that Charlotte was always known in the family as “Camie”.  When I was growing up I thought it was her real name – maybe short for “Camille” or something similar. It wasn’t until I began my family research that I realised it wasn’t her real name! “Camie”, of course, comes from the initials of her name: Charlotte Annie Margaret. There’s a lesson to be learned there for those with brick walls.

To place Camie in my family tree, Camie was the sister of my grandfather, William George Wynn SCHOLEFIELD, whose parents were George Alfred SCHOLEFIELD and Tydfil SCHOLEFIELD nee DAVIES. Camie was born on the 26th May 1899 in Ilfracombe, just outside of Longreach in Queensland.

Camie and Bob were married in St Andrews Church in Longreach. This photo was taken about 1908.

Camie and Bob were married in St Andrews Church in Longreach. This photo was taken about 1908. (John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.)

The newspaper articles have some wonderful descriptions of Aunt Camie and Uncle Bob’s wedding. I love how they describe the dresses and flowers of Camie and her bridesmaids. The photograph is wonderful but without these articles I wouldn’t have known Camie was wearing an “embossed veil with a tint of silver and small silver roses”. If you look closely at the photo you can see some of the flowers in Camie’s very long veil but you wouldn’t know what the colour was supposed to be. Such little intimate details are priceless.

I also found extra and different details about the wedding appearing in each of the articles. For example, one of the articles said “the church was nicely decorated by the girl friends of the bride” which was such a lovely thing to do. And “as the bridal party entered the church ‘The Voice that Breathed O’er Eden’ was sung.”1

I’ve transcribed one of the more complete articles below. Note that they make a couple of mistakes. Camie was given away by her brother (my grandfather), “Wynn” not “Win”. Also, her sister was “Marjorie” not “Nancy”.



A pretty wedding was solemnised in St. Andrew’s Church on Wednesday night, the contracting parties being Miss Charlotte Annie Margaret Scholefield (eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Alfred Scholefield, and of Mrs Scholefield, Longreach), and Mr Robert Barr, Barsdale, Ilfracombe. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. J. H. Brown-Beresford; the service was fully choral, Miss Scholefield having been organist at the church for 9 years. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr Win [sic] Scholefield, was daintily attired in a dress of white mariette, heavily beaded, and wore a wreath and embossed veil with a tint of silver and small silver roses, and with a cluster of orange blossoms at each ear. Attending her as bridesmaids were Miss Nancy [sic] Scholefield dressed in powder blue, pin tucked mariette, trimmed with cream Valenciennes lace, and Miss Enid Aland, who wore shell pink mariette, also trimmed with cream Valenciennes lace. The bride carried a shower bouquet of white lilies, and the bridesmaids carried early Victorian posies to match their frocks. Mrs Scholefield, the bride’s mother, was attired in a black chenille frock.

Mr Mark Budden Phillips attended as groomsman.

Mr and Mrs Barr were the recipients of numerous and costly wedding presents, including a beautiful double canteen from Mr and Mrs H. J. Solley. The reception took place at the home of the bride’s mother, where the wedding breakfast was served.

The newly married couple left by car for Sydney, where the honeymoon will be spent, early on Thursday morning, the bride’s travelling dress being of navy blue mariette, with pin tucked bodice, and trimmed with rich coffee coloured guipure lace.



1 BARR—SCHOLEFIELD. (1926, February 18). Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 – 1954), p. 6. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

2 Wedding (1926, February 12). The Longreach Leader (Qld. : 1923 – 1954), p. 15. Retrieved April 15, 2017, from









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4 Responses to Trove Tuesday: A Pretty Wedding

  1. I love the detail in these newspaper accounts, Ruth. I have a lovely detailed one for my grandparents in 1932. I found from the one of my parent’s wedding in 1958 that later accounts weren’t quite so detailed.


    • Hi Kerryn! The earlier social pages and gossip columns are such a mine of information, aren’t they? Newspapers are quite bland in comparison today! I suppose now it is all reality tv and fake news. Not nearly as much fun. I also love that the bride and bridesmaids are all described in detail but the groom and groomsman barely get a mention! Nothing changes! 🙂


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