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#CemeteryDay – Toowong Cemetery

  Blogger Alona Tester of Lonetester HQ has proposed that the 18th June be henceforth known as “Cemetery Day” and is encouraging every genealogically-minded person to become involved – whether sharing photos, writing stories or just visiting the local cemetery. … Continue reading

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“Where Have You Been, Stranger?”

Has it really been more than 8 months since I last posted? Where have I been? Well, I certainly didn’t run away to join the circus to become a Lady Elephant Trainer. (Who knew that was a ‘Thing’?) Basically, that … Continue reading

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Alicia’s Story: Part 2 – A Wild Theory Is Born

When we left off our story in Part 1, our valiant family researcher (i.e. me) was diligently looking for, and failing to find, Alicia Eleanora ELLIOTT. That is, until their attention was caught by a certain mysterious baptism entry in the parish records. And … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

I’ve been missing from blog land for some time while I was on a genealogical wild goose chase. I had a crazy theory by the tail and had to chase it as far as I could. I finally ran out … Continue reading

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BSO#1 AFFHO Congress 2015 – Day 3 Part 2

And here is Part 2 of my notes for Day 3 of AFFHO Congress 2015…

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BSO#1 – AFFHO Congress2015 – Day 3 – Part 1

Another day dawned, the birds were singing…and I’m afraid I decided to sleep in and miss the morning Keynote address which was “Meeting people at war: writing war on the home front” by Michael McKernan. Ah well. The rest of … Continue reading

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BSO #1 – AFFHO Congress2015 – Day 1

Talking about BSOs, I recently attended my first family history conference, The 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry, also known as Congress2015. Four days of genealogical research heaven!

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Slowly I Turned…Step by Step…

Back in December 2014, a brave blogger, Thomas MacEntee, proposed something radical. Something new. A Genealogy Do-Over. And the world was never the same again. Well, at least for some of us. It was a chance to make things right … Continue reading

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Do-Over? But I just started!

Welcome to my first post! I started my family research about 20 years ago, BC. That is, Before Computers. I did my time in state archives working the microfiche and microfilm machines, handling original immigration record books (!), writing letters … Continue reading

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