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“Where Have You Been, Stranger?”

Has it really been more than 8 months since I last posted? Where have I been? Well, I certainly didn’t run away to join the circus to become a Lady Elephant Trainer. (Who knew that was a ‘Thing’?) Basically, that … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles…A Single Step…

Some of you may remember my first post about the Genealogy Do-Over. Well, Do-Over Cycle 3 has just started. So what happened to Do-Over Cycle 1? Or even 2? Well, basically lots of confusion, head-scratching and, surprisingly, fear. But I’m finally … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers – Genealogy Do-Over Week 2

Week 1 of the Genealogy Do-Over was about putting your research aside, taking a step back and reflecting about past habits. I feel I rushed through that week a little too fast, so I began thinking more closely about this topic … Continue reading

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Slowly I Turned…Step by Step…

Back in December 2014, a brave blogger, Thomas MacEntee, proposed something radical. Something new. A Genealogy Do-Over. And the world was never the same again. Well, at least for some of us. It was a chance to make things right … Continue reading

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Do-Over? But I just started!

Welcome to my first post! I started my family research about 20 years ago, BC. That is, Before Computers. I did my time in state archives working the microfiche and microfilm machines, handling original immigration record books (!), writing letters … Continue reading

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