Friday Funny: Cabbage Patch Kid

Super size cabbage and child in cabbage patch

Another family photo – another mutant cabbage.

That cabbage is just huge. They certainly don’t grow them like that anymore. I mean, whenever I go to my local grocery store these days I’m lucky if the so-called fresh food is even edible. But looking at the rest of the cabbages growing in the photo, it doesn’t look like super cabbages are an unusual occurrence for the green-thumbed gardener of this cabbage patch.

I do not know who the cutie child is in the photo. Nor do I recognise the location. It is a mystery. A cabbage patch mystery.

But I was curious to find out how unusual large cabbages may be so I had a rummage through Trove and found these perfect specimens…


Prize Cabbage - Ma Ma Creek Show - 1950

Another Prize Cabbage! (Ma Ma Creek Show – 1950)1


Nothing could possibly beat the 20ft cabbage - British Dairy Show - 1925

But nothing could possibly beat the 20ft cabbage… (British Dairy Show – 1925)2


...Except maybe the Freak Cabbage with 11 Hearts! (Piccadilly - 1930)

…Except maybe the Freak Cabbage with 11 Hearts! (Piccadilly – 1930)3


Do you have any green thumbs in your family tree? Have any of your family won prizes for their vegetables or gardens? Do you have fond childhood memories of shelling fresh peas with your mum on the back steps (and sneakily eating every second one)?



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2 Through the Eye of a Camera– –News of the hour in Capital Pictures (1925, November 25). The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954), p. 16 (FINAL EXTRA). Retrieved July 14, 2017, from

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4 Responses to Friday Funny: Cabbage Patch Kid

  1. crissouli says:

    Definitely shelling peas, I loved doing that, but would also eat the shells rather than the peas…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny Coates says:

    Huge cabbage! Looks like it is sitting on a kero tin. The hat worn by the child is also interesting. Is it a 1930s sailor hat?

    Liked by 1 person

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