Trove Tuesday: A 100 year old mystery

Uncle Sam's Letter Bag


In 1916, my grandfather, George Wynn SCHOLEFIELD, was 12 years old. Wynn, as he was known to his family and friends, liked to read the stories and pit his wits against the puzzles printed in the Children’s Corner of the newspaper. One day he wrote a letter to “Uncle Sam”, the author of his favourite column, and, in doing so, he revealed a little family story and a big mystery to tease his granddaughter with 100 years later.1

Wynn’s letter is quoted as saying:

I am writing to you again. My mother is just writing to a cousin of hers, who is a prisoner in Glessen, Germany. He has been there since 1915.

Oh! How I would love to know who this cousin is!

I mentioned my great-grandmother in my previous article, Tydfil SCHOLEFIELD nee DAVIES. I know her parents’ names but have been unable to go back any further.

But here is a clue. And I love clues. They create little cracks in those high brick walls. I shall blow the dust from this crack in the wall and see what I can find…

Like my grandfather, I shall keep my eye on the prize. I hope he eventually won his.



UNCLE SAM’S LETTER BAG. (1916, July 1). Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 – 1954), p. 14. Retrieved February 8, 2016, from

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4 Responses to Trove Tuesday: A 100 year old mystery

  1. boundforoz says:

    And good luck to you. I love mysteries. I find the word cousin is often used loosely – I know I do it myself in speech but not in writing – when it should be qualified with first – or second- etc.


    • Hi Boundforoz! Thank you for your comment. I agree about cousins. But I love them. I found an advertisement in the newspaper via Trove where a “cousin” was looking for my husband’s great-great-grandfather. It took awhile but I eventually worked out they were actually second cousins and in the process was able to finally identify my husband’s g-g-g-g-grandmother (previously only known as Ann)! That will be the subject of a future post.


  2. Kateyvee says:

    What a great little mystery! Have fun solving it, which I am sure you will do eventually.


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